Intercepted Letter from Screwtape


Dear Wormwood,

I wanted to let you know that everything is proceeding according to the plans of Lucifer. I know it was hard for you to grasp the plan in all it’s magnificence earlier – but now at the endgame I trust you can easily see victory has been assured.

We infiltrated the schools and churches first. Placing our operatives at the highest levels in education and academia, we let good peoples greed play to our advantage as we took the lower paying jobs teaching their children while they chased profit. We were able to make real gains these last few decades because these dolts were so busy chasing profit that they entrusted their children to our tutelage.Especially noteworthy is that we trained them from an early age not fight back when bullied – this ensures minimal resistance now.

The church was equally easy – we started small and our operatives rose slowly to prominence. I know right now Cardinal Kasper looks like one of our most shining successes – but he is only a giant because he rides on the coattails of the real giants like Bugnini. If not for the likes of his ascension to a position of Authority at Vatican II we would not have been able to turn the Holy Mass into the rock concert, new age all inclusive worship service, or puppet spectacle as you see it today. If not for Bugnini – the Catholic church would still have the traditional Holy Mass, and it would turn the hearts of the faithful from us, and to the Enemy.

A special shout-out goes to “Team Bergolio”, if not for them we would never have moved from worship God to worshipping Gaia. We would not have all this talk of equality (Our masters original crime against the Enemy), and most importantly “Who am I to judge?” would not the the papal quote on the lips of every sodomite in creation, as well as so many programmed and deluded Catholics who now belong to us. Hell will be filled to overflowing thanks to these men! And Wormwood, the inclusion of air conditioning as a sin! That was pure genius – that one always was a affront to his flaming Lordship, and think of all the elderly and infirm who will die from heat exhaustion or struggling to breathe because they believe that to temper their environment with air conditioning is a mortal sin! Pure Genius!

As for the media, the Master has had them in his pocket for some time – and aside from the occasional dose of EWTN, we’ve managed to keep the Enemy off the airwaves with legions of talking heads and musicians doing our bidding. We keep the public entertained with a steady diet designed to turn them against our Adversary. It’s working beyond expectations after what seemed like a decades long start. Remember Wormwood, Ridicule and Scorn, Ridicule and Scorn. Those are our tools. It is your mantra.

Today, all manner of immorality, sin, and evil can be lauded and normal – if not courageous and heroic. Satan is so very proud of all of our contributions. Including yours, Wormwood. Commendations are in order as the harvest nears. So successful have we been in the West that Gay Marriage was just forced down their throats by one supreme court justice, though I can’t tell you what we had on him at this time. Needless to say it was sufficient to get the Job done. It is almost as proud a day as when we arranged for Obama to lead America – they will murder more children this year than will be born! What a milestone! The Master is thrilled – and better still he has them thinking it is good and moral to murder their children.

Our success with the Feminists is responsible for that. It is through them that we finally destroyed marriage, motherhood, and womanhood. We now have the sexes in competition and estranged as though enemies. Master hates sacramental marriages something terrible, as they act as a sword and shield against him. He has been greatly relived at the resounding successes that birth control and no-fault divorce have provided. They are a One-Two punch.

We take procreation out of marriage, and turn it from a binding contract based on a vow to God into an unenforced social contract bound by the state.By further making divorce both easy and painful, we have damaged children, reduced millions of previously viable families to poverty, and allowed for both woman and men to become disposable. Imagine the triumph. In return for the immoral act of throwing away one’s spouse without just cause, we have gotten women to trade away their biblically mandated support in the style to which they were accustomed (once called alimony) away to ensure poverty when their husband casts them off for another woman. The best part is that we have children raised without fathers in the home. This makes them so very pliant in the careful hands of our operatives, and thus the exponential growth.

Thanks to those operatives at Vatican II the church will not face us, much less call out sin. You see, they don’t want to be unwelcoming or unloving. They think they are being charitable when helping us do our work of keeping people in sin, because the refuse to call it out. Is that not magnificent Wormwood? We were able to get them to devolve Jesus from the Sovereign King of All, and now they think of him as a beggar, prophet, and pacifist. Many no longer even believe him the Son Of God– much less their Lord and Master. There will be no more crusades or Knights Templar. Our forces have free reign now. Those left that might stand up are too few and now isolated. Keep them that way. Make them think that prayer without action on their parts will turn the tide.

The best part is that they have been welcoming to everyone but the more traditional members the Master so despises. Many of them have with left the Church, or at least stopped attending mass. What a victory – for in their retreat we can expand on our reimagining of Christ and reduce him further – except for love which they no longer even understand, the cannot judge or call out sin in each other. There is no obstacle now. You see Wormwood, it was all in the careful planning. The Devil was quite literally in the details. Oh I know there are a few left,but they will be in enclaves a small as a family and as big as a few dozen families.We will see to it that they are viciously oppressed and killed in the near future – a future that belongs to Satan. Nothing can stop us now.

Unless of course, people went back to the old ways and cast off the new. Threw out the homosexual clergy, called out sin, welcomed only the truly repentant to their masses and Sacraments, and kept their covenants – especially Matrimony. The day they realize marriage is a covenant with God bestowed on their spouse of lifetime servitude to each other, we will be in trouble. They must focus on what we say that love is – hormones, feelings, fickle. Lucifer help us if they ever discover it is something deeper and start staying with and loving their spouse because in them they make effort to see Christ’s perfection, even where such may be reflected poorly in one small facet of their being. We must keep them focused on the surface and superficial appearance only – and we must keep them on the path to Lucifer.

I know it looks like we have won, but the Enemy cheats – remember the Crusades where he slaughtered the Master’s troops in miraculous victory? Remember the Gates of Vienna – the REAL September 11th is 1683? Remember the Knights Templar where he bestowed heroic courage against any evil is liberal abundance. You must remember to be grateful to master for making the Church so ashamed of fighting evil that they allowed the stories of these Knights to die, lest they attract men of both character and courage to the Enemy’s service again. Satan forbid that they should rise again, for on that day the Enemy might turn the tide against us and cheat with miracles and angelic intervention to grant them victory yet again. Be vigilant Wormwood, you must keep them pacifist, keep them focused on false love, and most importantly you must kill off the beauty of the sacred.

Master is most concerned about the rising numbers of people who are reading the Baltimore Catechism – as some copies escaped destruction, they are reading tales of the Knights Templar to their children! You need to talk to our people at Google and Amazon about that! They still refuse to accept sexual immorality as normal or acceptable, and refuse to use birth control. You must stop this as well. You know what happens in marriages when they ditch birth control! It’s horrific they way they bond. Make sure that Obama makes forced birth control a priority – promise him anything. It’s not like he realizes he is going to the hot place, you have done an excellent job of convincing him – and his supporters – but you must keep expanding as many of the Church’s people are rebelling against us.

Be swift and strong Wormwood – victory is near, and the number of souls falling into hell is so staggering, they fall like snowflakes.



Intercepted Letter from Screwtape

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